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Our goal is to help you learn the skills needed to maximize your confidence and your opportunities for success.

SAT, ACT… When it comes down to getting into the college of your choice, your standardized test score is a very important component of your application. Unfortunately, your classes and regular school curriculum may not be preparing you well enough for taking the SAT or ACT. And they may not even be helping you decide which test is better for you and the type of student you are.

Standardized test-taking is a skill, one that can be learned, practiced, and improved. That's where we come in. It's our belief (and experience) that learning some simple, specific test-taking skills – skills that are relevant to both practice and the real thing – provides the required framework for success. We have the knowledge, strategies, and experience to help you maximize your potential!

We're also here to help you understand the differences between the SAT and the ACT. Choosing which test you take should be an informed decision, one where you consider your own strengths and weaknesses in discovering which test is for you.

Take a look around. Included in this site you'll find:

  • A guide to help you choose which is right for you, ACT or SAT?
  • Lots of information on both the SAT and ACT, including strategies, resources, and an explanation of the PSAT and PLAN.
  • Our Blog, where we share various findings, including what we learned from taking some of the tests ourselves.

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