December 2010 ACT Results

Well…. as I (somewhat ;-)) expected:

English – 32 (a decrease of 1 compared to September 2009)

Mathematics – 35 (increase of 3)

Reading – 33 (same)

Science – 31 (increase of 6)

Composite Score – 33 (99th percentile!!)

If you’ve read my earlier posts, you know that I never took the ACT as a kid. (I took the SAT three times.) Heck, I’m not even sure I knew the ACT existed! 😀 That said, I’m becoming a pretty big fan of this test. I really like the English section; the Math section is just fine (though I prefer the SAT’s math section as I like the challenge of going deeper conceptually); the Reading section, while fast, is more straight-forward; and the Science section is doable once you get the hang of the speed necessary, which can be done through practice.

(I also like the fact that there are only four tests. All the starting and stopping on the SAT just seems to wear me down more.)

Speaking of the Science section… Compared to my first time taking the ACT back in September of 2009, my Science score improved rather dramatically. While I was expecting a bit better, I’m not surprised. As I mentioned in my last post, I went in with a strategy – quickly skim the Passage and then move right to the questions. It certainly worked for me.

The most popular comment from students regarding the ACT is that it’s fast – they wish they’d had a little more time. This being the case, make sure to focus on time when you practice. Consider setting time benchmarks. Make use of that watch. And, by all means, don’t let the proctor call “time” before you’ve bubbled in every answer, guessing if necessary. Remember, there’s no penalty for an incorrect response.

I ordered the Test Information Release service so that I could get a copy of the test questions. Once that arrives, I’ll post what I learn.

Hope this helps. Don’t forget… Plan, Practice, Perform. 🙂

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