History of Changes

School Choice is new. Always contact each of your colleges to make sure you’re clear on their SAT School Choice policy.



  • Verbal section renamed Critical Reading. Analogies eliminated; shortened reading passages added.
  • Quantitative comparisons eliminated from the Math section; Algebra II concepts (e.g. exponential growth, absolute value, functional notation, and negative and fractional exponents) added.
  • Writing section added, including a 25-minute essay.
  • Perfect score changed to 2400 (800 for each of the three sections).
  • Test-taking time increased to 3 hours and 45 minutes.


  • Antonym questions removed from the Verbal section; increased focus on passage reading.
  • Grid-in questions added to the Math section, as well as questions testing the concepts of probability, slope, elementary statistics, counting problems, median, and mode; approved calculators allowed.