Resource Links

The ACT Question of the Day includes questions from each of the four tests.

  • ACT Home Page
  • Description of the ACT
    General overview of the ACT.
  • ACT Question of the Day
  • Practice Questions
    Divided by test (e.g. English, Math), each question provides immediate feedback and explanation.
  • Test Prep
    Links to purchasable "ACT Online Prep" program (includes a diagnostic test and a full-length practice test) as well as "The Real ACT Prep Guide" book, "Preparing for the ACT" booklet (PDF document, includes one practice test), Practice test questions, Test tips, and Test descriptions.
  • Test Information Release Order Form (PDF)
    Planning to take the ACT again? If you took the test on a date on which the Test Information Release (TIR) service was available, and didn’t order it when you registered, you can order it up to 3 months after the test date. Read my thoughts on the TIR service on my blog.